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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Around the Horn...

In Tallahassee the big news remains Drew Weatherford's big scrimmage and the fact that he has probably taken command of FSU's quarterback race. Bowden will not declare a winner in the battle, but he's quick to point out what everyone is seeing. [Tallahassee Democrat]

As for Xavier Lee, he is suffering from a case of dead arm. It's bad luck for the kid as he was forced to do the majority of the QB work over the summer while Weatherford recovered from ankle surgery and while Wyatt Sexton was doing...whatever he was doing.

As it is both QBs will probably play against Miami unless Weatherford is just on fire. Bowden isn't going to buy into great practices anymore, he did that for four years. Lee will probably miss Friday's scrimmage as well, deciding to rest his arm until Monday and just get ready for the season.

Meanwhile for other related teams. The Gators depth chart on defense has taken a major hit as Dee Webb will miss the season-opener against perennial powerhouse Wyoming and top-flight linebackers Brandon Siler and Earl Everett are also missing time. [Sentinel]

Prop 48 slidee Reggie Nelson is also out. Meyer admits he's panicking, but he's hopeful that none of the above mentioned will toss a keg on someone's face with recooperating.

I would expect all four players to be in the pit, which is Meyer's little way of disciplining players who can't practice. The Pit is where the kids have chains wrapped around their necks and carry small boulders around...Very 19th century there. No word if the players also hum "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot".

One of LSU's starting linebackers will miss 4-6 weeks [AP] and Tennessee finally gets around to retiring some numbers, most notably Peyton Manning and a posthumous retirement for Reggie White [AP].

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