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Friday, July 22, 2005

Turiaf Needs Heart Surgery...

A major shocker from a guy that I thought was a steal in the second round (so did the Lakers, who quickly signed him to a two-year guaranteed contract).
Turiaf, who grew up on the Caribbean island of Martinique and played high school basketball in Paris, had tests done several years ago in France that showed an abnormality of the heart, but was cleared to play. Tests done last month at the NBA's pre-draft camp in Chicago also presented an abnormality, but he was cleared there as well.

"Naturally, we wish that they would have seen it the way our doctors found it," Laker spokesman John Black said Thursday. "It would have made a difference, but we don't want to point fingers. We feel fortunate that it was found when it was. It probably saved the kid's life."

A best-case scenario, if things go great, is he could come back as early as a year from now. Doctors think that if he's ever able to play basketball again, it would be a bonus."

It's really amazing how a guy who seems to be in such supreme physical condition needs this sort of major surgery. Nonetheless I was a big fan of Turiaf at Gonzaga and I have high hopes that he will contribute to the Lakers sooner than later.

Turiaf Has Faulty Heart [L.A. Times]

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