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Monday, July 11, 2005

NL Starter?

Well the Post-Dispatch reports that Tony La Russa has skipped over Roger Clemens and Dontrelle Willis to name his ace, Chris Carpenter, as the starter of tomorrow night's All-Star game.

Interesting move and I'm sure there's one person who really wants to see Carpenter go against the top of the AL lineup over fan favorites Willis and Clemens, but I can't find that person.

The only good thing about a move like this is that soon the commissioner's office will take all the decision-making away from the manager of the game thanks to boneheaded decisions like this.

This isn't anything personal against Carpenter, but the game is for the fans and Willis is the fan favorite. Clemens, on the other hand, is an interesting story as he tries to bounce back from last year's embarassing performance.

Meanwhile, the format of the game is one that will allow La Russa to manage "all-out", which means that the NL doesn't have a prayer....again.

La Russa Gives Nod to Carpenter [Post-Dispatch]

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