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Friday, July 29, 2005

Hotties and the ESPN That Doesn't Suck...

I must applaud friend of the site and fellow co-worker in the Tuscaloosa (Ala.), Lakeland (Fla.) family of newspapers Warren St. John for being voted at one of the two hottest men of the New York Times according to the good folks at Gawker media [Link].

St. John, a Birmingham native, is the author of "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer" which despite the obvious pornography theme is actually a wonderful book on the people that follow Alabama football.

So outside of being a bestselling author and the top writer in the NYT's Style section, St. John can now apply for the 2006 Men of Journalism calendar. Congrats WSJ!

On to more important things, thanks to mgoblog, this is a list from radio personality Steve Czaben on ESPN personalities that do not suck [Link].

For the most part Czaben's list is on point with the exception of Bob Ryan, who will always suck after the situation with Jason Kidd's wife.

So with that being said I have a few more add-ons.

Shelley Smith: Oddly enough he had no women on his list when ESPN employs two of the best. Smith is a very professional veteran who has the ability to break news. She gets a lot of respect in the NBA circles because she's always prepared and she doesn't try to make her segments into a "look at me" session. She's also one of the nicest people I've met.

Michele Tafoya: Tafoya is absolutely money as a sideline reporter, along the lines of Leslie Visser and clearly better than any of the eye candy that's out there right now.

Brian Kenny: Mostly known for his work on ESPNews and Friday Night Fights, he's good in both areas. He's also got a really good, acoustic voice. It's a little different.

Tony Kornheiser: Some think he sucks, but here's what impresses me about Tony. Never at any point on PTI does he or Wilbon truly sacrifice their journalistic integrity. They joke around a lot, they clown a lot, but they are serious when need be and that's the reason why PTI is so much more successful. Meanwhile Skip Bayless and Woody Paige have no shame in the way they've disgraced themselves.

Trev Alberts: He used to suck, but Alberts has really turned the corner and become a solid college football analyst. I'm willing to say he's better than Kirk Herbstreit because he doesn't mince words when he's on camera.

That's it, got convention this weekend.

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