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Monday, July 11, 2005

Checking In On Dr. Z

Whenever I remember to check Dr. Z's mailbag my eyes light up because I know my old-school journalism hero will put his words on the table for junkies like me to devour.

In his most recent mailbag he really gets on Brett Favre again to the point of where someone asks what is it that he has against the Packers quarterback and his reply is simple but revealing.
I guess I tend to be tough on Favre because everyone else brushes off his miscues. It's part of the hype. How about the Eagles game two years ago that knocked Green Bay out of the playoffs? One magazine did a whole piece last season on how Philly's fourth-and-26 completion, which supposedly cost Green Bay the game, caused a complete restructuring of the Packers' defense.

What was not pointed out was that the play sent the game into overtime, and then Green Bay lost it thanks to a very bad Favre interception, on one of those looping bazooka shots of his. But this was not the prefered post-game angle.

Zimmerman also goes into last year's flip toss against the Vikings in which Favre was clearly over the line of scrimmage and looks as if he could've gotten yardage by putting his head down and running. Favre laughed the play off, Joe Buck and Cris Collingsworth tripped over each other to compliment Favre on his "guts" and "heart" (??). Of course the Packers didn't score on the drive thanks to the penalty and lost the game. But why should that matter.

Dr. Z also has a few words for a certain Giants tight end, (as for Shockey, his game has really gone south. He's either insulting someone or bitching about something or dropping the ball), Ty Law and others. It's always a great read and remember, training camps open up in a week.

The Facts on Favre []

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