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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Blogpoll Question #4

This week it's from the good guys at Blue-Gray sky.

1. Who are your rivals? Well for Florida State it’s simple: Florida and Miami, don’t have to even leave the state. Hard to say who’s the bigger rival. Most Seminoles tend to hate the Gators more than the Hurricanes, but I think most would rather beat the Hurricanes because of the conference implications. Florida State and Miami have been really battling in this current environment since 1983 when Miami defeated FSU 17-16 en route to their first national title. And it’s been a series of 1-point Miami wins since. The 1987 game (Miami 26-25) is probably the best in the series. As for Florida, FSU has had more significants wins over them historically, there was the “Go for Seven” game in 1964 and the “Lights Out” game in 1987. Florida won the infamous mulligan game in the 1997 Sugar Bowl to win a national title and won an even better game during that season (32-29) to shut FSU out of title contention. But FSU won the great 2003 great when Chris Rix did something right for a change and they’ve also won good games in 1996, 1998 and 1999. The Choke at Doak, a 31-31 tie in 1994 is well remembered by all.

2. Size up your chances in your rival games this season: Hmmm I’d say that Miami has a decisive mental edge, having won six in a row. FSU will survive the loss of Wyatt Sexton well enough, but losing shut down cornerback Antonio Cromartie is devastating. Miami will be starting a new QB as well. My bet is that the Miami game will tell me how well FSU does against Florida.

3. If you could start up a new rivalry with another team, who would it be? FSU-Auburn was a tremendous rivalry in the 80s and then Auburn just quit it cold turkey. It was to be rekindled in the late 90s, but the “War Chickens” backed out, fired Terry Bowden and dropped the series.

4. Overall what do you think the best rivalry in college football is? I would say for my money it’s Ohio State-Michigan or Alabama-Auburn. Those are two blood rivalries. Woody Hayes wouldn’t even get gas for his team bus in Michigan. The Iron Bowl has split families, caused divorces and probably caused death.

5. Lastly, game trophies. What are the best and worst rivalry trophies out there? The best trophy by far is Floyd of Rosedale, the bronze pig that Iowa and Minnesota play for each year. The worst is the hat that OU-Texas play for. With a rivalry like that you would think it would be for more marbles than a hat.

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