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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blogpoll Discussion #3...

Question taken right from Straight Banging. Sorry I'm late but I was on assignment :).

1) Which unheralded player on your team will be the hardest to replace? Which seemingly inconsequential player could make the biggest impact? Well it's tough to find unheradled players at FSU, just ones who haven't met their full potential. I guess I'll say that although he left last season, Torrance Washington remains the toughest to replace. He was supposed to be the fullback in FSU's new style of offense. The guy who could run, catch and was completely unstoppable at the goal line. Unfortunately a bad injury forced him to end his career too soon.

This year the "inconsequential" player will be offensive linemen Jacky Claude. I think he's the next great lineman at FSU, however he's currently second on the depth chart. That will change very quickly.

2) Which regular-season game that won’t feature your team would you pay the most money to see this season? Why? Probably the early Ohio St.-Texas tilt and its because it's such a rarity when two well-established programs meet in an early-season game where there is so much to lose. I would also love to see two of the most exciting players in the nation -- Vince Young and Ted Ginn Jr.

Bonus: Which rivalry game would you most like to attend? Michigan-Michigan St., Odd choice I know but it's almost always a very good game.

3) If your team were a rapper, who would it be and why? Hmmm I would definitely say FSU is a little like LL Cool J. Terrific throughout the 80s and 90s, but he's tapered off a bit in the 21st century. However, in spite of that he has the capability to record a hot song and move a lot of albums. FSU still has the capability and talent to contend for the upper echelon, but it's no longer a guarantee they will get there.

More college football soon. I promise.

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