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Friday, July 01, 2005

Bad Winds are Blowing

Every now and then, De LeBatard of the Miami Herald will ignore his usual writing and completely bow down to the University of Miami's football players in a shameless form of defense. I consider it a tall order, but it's enjoyable to hear him try, especially in the wake of Sean Taylor's legal troubles.
Redskins safety Sean Taylor is a lunatic. Clinton Portis calls him the craziest Hurricane in program history -- quite a distinguished list, that one -- and Portis is hardly alone in nominating him. So the surprise isn't that Taylor faces three prison years for trying to solve his problems with gun waving. The surprise is that he never had a public incident of any kind under Coker's watch.

Kellen Winslow II did something stupid. Makes sense that the same things that help make him a good football player -- fearlessness, recklessness, insanity -- would seep into other parts of his personality and push him toward motorcycle stunts. But it was still stupid, and Stupidity was not Winslow's major at UM. Why does he get to be the poster child for UM post-graduate behavior more than, say, Ken Dorsey or Jonathan Vilma or Ed Reed or Vince Wilfork?

Now I'd be surprised if Winslow had any major at Miami. I'm sure it wasn't stupidity, but I doubt it was civil engineering either. He's got a bit of a point though. As a Jets fan I think Jonathan Vilma is the best thing that happened to the team since Bill Parcells. He should be a greater part of Miami's football lore. However, he is his own man and chose to stay in New York for the offseason rather than return to the 'U' for their workout sessions, which can occasionally leads to season-ending injuries (Santana Moss) or felony allegations (Sean Taylor).

The problem is that some of these knuckleheads haven't earned the right to go back to the 'U' for workouts. They aren't of Ray Lewis' caliber, Lewis is two-time NFL Defensive MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, the leader of his team. Sean Taylor was an underachieving rookie, Santana Moss has had one good season in five years, Jeremy Shockey has been terrible after his rookie season and Kellen Winslow his two games under his belt in two seasons.

And these headaches multiply when the organizations realize they have invested a lot of money in guys who really have no interest in leaving college.

Away from UM, Hurricanes are a Furious Storm [Miami Herald]

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