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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Today's Top 10

Trying to get back into frequent posting with the NBA Finals coming to an end. These are in no order.

-- Phil Steele: The motherload of college football previews is OUT! Bought mine at Wal-Mart at around 2 a.m.,. It's the best $8-9 you'll spend and it destroys ever other preview out there. [NC Sports]

-- Lou Piniella: "Sweet" Lou has to be fuming after his Devil Rays give up a 13 spot in the 8th inning of Tuesday's game to the Yankees. BTW the Rays had an 11-7 lead going into the inning and had led 10-2 at one point [St. Petersburg Times].

-- Tim Duncan: I personally think R.D. is a little tough on him (he's still elite), but there was no Bob Horry to save "The Big Fundemental" from a fourth-quarter breakdown Tuesday [NYDN].

-- Baylor Baseball: Down 7-0 through six the Bears rally for 8 runs in the final three innings to eliminate top-seeded Tulane in the *ping* [Houston Chronicle].

-- Rip Hamilton: He finally broke through Bruce Bowen's defense with 23 points to help the Pistons earn a series-tying road win [Detroit News].

-- Eric Gagne: Dodger closer and former Cy Young winner will go under the knife and return after the All-Star 2006! [LA Times]

-- Jaromir Jagr: One of the NHL's few marquee players admits his union screwed up by not taking an earlier deal [AP].

-- New York Yankees: Scored 13 runs in an inning against the Devil Rays for the second time this season! Gary Sheffield has two 3-run homers and seven RBIs [NYT]

-- Shavlik Randolph: Armed with a great prep resume but a 6.0 scoring average in college, the 6-10 former McDonald's All-American will stay in the NBA Draft?!?!? What the hell is he thinking? [Durham Herald Sun]

-- Kozo Haraguchi: Japanese man, 95, breaks 100M world record in 95-99 by almost two seconds! Old time 24.01, new time 22.04 [Washington Times]

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