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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday Columns: Harvey Araton

The NYT columnist says that Larry Brown's search for love is what keeps him in motion. He's on the right track as Brown always seems more interested in his next job rather than his current one. Hopefully that mindset hasn't already infected the Pistons.
While fellow coaching icons of the era like Pat Riley and Phil Jackson have held out for sure things, glamour cities, Larry has made the playoffs with the Clippers and the Nets, bad teams in big markets, and was not too self-important for the Pacers and the Spurs, good teams in small markets. He took on the daunting challenge of Allen Iverson and made the finals with the 76ers.

He has driven more than a few colleagues crazy with his wanderlust, but let's at least remember that pro basketball coaches do not have the job security of the pope. So maybe the characterization of Larry Brown as the most capricious man in N.B.A. history misses the larger point: he is the rare coach who has been able to play by his rules, who always stayed a few steps ahead of the scapegoat posse.

Interesting although I don't think he drives colleagues crazy as much as he does his own players. On the same note I'm sure Brown isn't on Rick Carlisle's cell phone address book.

What Brown Missed as a Child [NYT]

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