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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Running Gibberish: NBA Finals Game 2

Will be updated throughout the game...

-- Ok, when did Nazr Mohammed get his switch turned on? Another great trade Isiah.

-- The Pistons are already down 8-0, which means that they might actually have to score points to keep up tonight.

-- I'm at work so I have no volume but my nose will twitch everytime Hubie or Michaels gives us a lecture at how two teams shooting under 45% is really "good basketball".

-- Last night ESPN Classic had on Game 4 of the 1984 Lakers-Celtics series. Not to let the cat out of the bag or anything, but the Celtics took that one. Bird had 29 points and 24 boards. Worthy was like 17-of-19 from the floor or something equally ridiculous.

-- I'm convinced Tim Duncan is a clone of Vijay Singh, they have the same exact mannerisms during a game.

-- It looks like both team might actually break 70 tonight.

-- Prince is going to have to play some major first half minutes with two fouls.

-- My mom has more offensive awareness in the paint than Ben Wallace. Slam the freakin' ball man.

-- The Spurs have decided they will attack the basket when they get the opening. The Pistons will have to make Parker and Manu pay for each drive.

-- And the Pistons are in the midst of another boycott on offense meaning that breaking 70 might not happen for another game. A lot of their problem is with rebounding, they aren't getting enough. Ben Wallace needs to have his defensive play of the year award revoked.

-- Spurs 42-29 and right now the Pistons seem content to drop the first two games and regroup at home.

-- Spurs up 57-42 at half. They are really pressing the matter on offense, knowing the Pistons either can keep up or refuse too. These are the moments when Larry Brown's coaching flaws are really exposed. He can't break out of his tight shell to help his team come back. It's still more about playing "the right way" then winning a game. He had the same issues in the Olympics.

-- My co-worker calls to say, "Man the Pistons are getting jobbed." And I reply, "Must be a Dan Crawford game." Next second I glance up to see Crawford giving Rip a technical for rightfully bitching him out.

-- Spurs up 73-53 and now I'm just hoping the game ends so I can leave the office by 12:10 p.m.

-- Sup Tayshaun? Glad to see you have decided to join us.

-- Up by 18 with 90 seconds left in the third, safe to say this goose is just about cooked.

-- The Pistons overreaction to every call that goes against them is becoming a very tired act.

-- There is no answer to the thing that is Manu Ginobili. 7-0 run gives the Spurs a 15-point lead and now I can say this goose is cooked.

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