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Friday, June 03, 2005

Quick Roundup...

Semi-busy Thursday night/Friday morning as I watch Federer/Nadal on NBC, probably the first time since the Agassi/Sampras U.S Open final that I've really anticipated a tennis match.

But in case you missed last night, here's what happened.

-- Heat Win Game 5. However Flash gets a little injured and is questionable for Game 6. Actually the question is how much will Wade play in Game 6. Shaq also offers to pay for George Mikan's funeral. Only a miserable person would think Shaq is doing it for publicity because he doesn't need publicity (and yes I've read that somewhere and no I'm not going to give that guy any publicity). [Miami Herald]

-- My future wife Cat Osterman whiffed 17 as the Longhorns defeat Alabama in the first round. Someone needs to check Stephanie VanBrakle's eligibility, I swear she's been on that team since 1999. Osterman was also named an All-American and USA Collegiate's Softball Player of the Year. In the words of my niece, she's really really good. [AP]

-- The Royals swept the Yankees and this is just funny for a million reasons. It also gives new skipper Buddy Bell a 3-0 start. According to Elias this was the third time in history that the
Yankees were swept by the team with baseball's worst record [Newsday]

-- Rick Spielman resigned from the Miami Dolphins GM position before he was to get fired. [ESPN]

-- Remember Ashley McElhiney? The female ABA coach that was fired by her crazy owner during a game. Well she's landed an administrative coaching position with the University of Alabama. [AP]

-- Sports and B's did an NFL rankings list. It's a commendable job and I've already ribbed them on some omissions. I might do one much later probably not all at once. [Brems]

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