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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More Gibberish: Game 3...

In a 2-0 series Game 3 is a pivotal game for the networks. If the series goes to 3-0, write it off, if it goes to 2-1 than push Game 4 like the end all be all of the series.

-- The pace of this game is already a positive for Detroit, the more they can force the Spurs to take it slow, the better.

-- I'm disappointed the Pistons didn't come out with more fire. This is a must-win and the game the Spurs are most likely to mail in if they are going to mail any in.

-- San Antonio is definitely controlling the pace at 25-20. Duncan is out of the game yet the Pistons have folded defensively in the last three minutes.

-- Four minutes into the second quarter and I'm really not feeling this one tonight. In spite of me its been the best 16 minutes of basketball these two teams have played together.

-- We're hitting a wall in the first half, both teams passing up open looks (especially Robert Horry) and we're in about a two-minute stretch where neither team has scored. Putting Ben Wallace on Ginobili in certain areas has worked so far.

-- Spurs so far in the second, 3-of-13 FG with five turnovers...Make that 4-of-14 FG. There's a fine line between good defense and poor shooting.

-- AWESOME block by Horry which leads to a turnover and a three at the other end! That's a five point turnaround right there courtesy of big-shot Bob.

-- Not that I condone violence but Billups' hack on Parker is something Detroit needs to do on occasion....just to keep 'em honest.

-- BTW, no one believes me but if you see Michele Tafoya in person...She's got a terrific body and she's pretty smart. Nice lady, my co-worker has an unhealthy obsession with her. Shelley Smith is really nice too...Serious man hands though, they are like clubs...

-- With 8:30 left in the third quarter Detroit has finally realized this is a MUST-WIN game and have started trying to push the action. This quarter is crucial if the Spurs stay within 7-8 points you know they are going to really push the action in the fourth. Like R.D. said, the Pistons must take advantage of every cold spell...

-- Detroit's missed lay-up count is in the 50s.

-- Billups ends a Spurs 9-0 run to give the Pistons a 57-56 lead. With all this good basketball I'm wondering if Dan Crawford is going to do a wrestling-style run-in and 'T' up the whole Detroit bench.

-- Rip Hamilton has 16 this game which probably equals his output for the first two games.

-- Ben Wallace has had an excellent game as well...Which means Rip is out of his funk and Big Ben is back to normal...Yet the Spurs only trail by a possession.

-- Spurs have only two fast-break points.

-- All this time I've really underestimated Big-Shot Bob. I knew he was always the right place, right time guy but in the last two series I've started to appreciate his willingness to contribute anywhere he can. Of course I'm still mad because he sucked in the Lakers series last year.

-- I hate working when these reports come across the wire.

BC-APNewsAlert,0023 EUREKA, Calif. (AP) _ A major earthquake has struck off the coast of northern California.

-- Pistons 73-69 with 9:45 remaining.

-- Billups is starting to play in his 2004 Finals MVP form, five straight points for him gives the Pistons their biggest lead.

-- My net at work went down for about 15 minutes...The Pistons have a 19-point lead and have wrapped this game up. Reasons why? Ben Wallace had a monster game and the Billups/Hamilton tandem found their stroke. Game 4 becomes huge.

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