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Monday, June 06, 2005

Listen to Your Coach

Sean Taylor has confirmed this fact: Joe Gibbs knows a whole lot more than he does. Taylor, who has been incognito from the Redskins organization, turned himself in over the weekend on charges of aggravated assault.

Now here comes the worse part. The guys from PTI can bash him unmercifully. Mr. Wilbon is up first:
What's already been proven is that Taylor has no regard for authority, doesn't have the decency to return a call to his coach, and that his word/signature means nothing. He has yet to demonstrate the first sign of responsibility or that he has any clue of what being responsible is.

It's not a telemarketer whose phone calls Taylor is refusing to return; it is those of his coach, Joe Gibbs. A football player with a shred of intelligence ought to genuflect whenever Gibbs is on the line. This fool apparently thinks pro football and culture in general ought to be thankful to have him.

Nice, but what about YOUR BOY, Tony Kornheiser:

As the story goes, Sean Taylor pulled a gun on some people who allegedly stole two all-terrain vehicles from him. Now you might want to ask: What exactly is Mr. Taylor doing with two ATVs? Is he going into the alligator-tracking business? More importantly, though, what exactly is Mr. Taylor doing with a gun? Or does that come with the scholarship at The U?

On the other hand, an ATV has at least three wheels, and sometimes four. If Mr. Taylor's college teammate at The U, Kellen Winslow Jr., had been tooling around on one of Mr. Taylor's ATVs instead of that motorcycle, he might be playing for the Browns this season.

Meanwhile I have a Sporting Fools operative that has some inside information (this is legit, I think) and I'll share it once he emails me back.

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