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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Gibberish: Game 6...

-- Whoops, this game just snuck up on me. Pistons get the first fast break points of the game as Prince makes an aggressive move. And Rasheed Wallace gets a bucket the next time down the floor. Blows a chance at the 3-pointer au natural though.

-- 9:28 in the first and the Pistons are already overreacting on foul calls.

-- Parker just doesn't miss many open looks inside of 20 feet.

-- And there's a flood advisory in Brevard County. Not sure if I know anyone there.

-- No points in the frontcourt for the Spurs yet. This is a good thing though, the quicker Ginobili and Parker get involved, the better.

-- Everytime Prince has an open three he should take it. He's too good an outside shooter to keep passing those things up.

-- Rasheed Wallace is getting involved very early on offense with both the shooting and passing. Meanwhile Brent Barry is also looking to contribute to a championship team rather than pulling a Will Perdue.

-- Bruce Bowen's taking too many shots. Open threes are one thing, but he shouldn't be trying to make his own shots.

-- We're knotted at 23 to end the first quarter.

-- The Pistons are going to be hard pressed to keep this energetic play up for an entire game. They have played solid in the first half and only lead by a couple.

-- Hey look, Dan Crawford has decided to enter the game. Why is he officiating at all after Game 2. I'm not saying bring out Dick Bavetta or anyone, but I would think the NBA officiating situation gets enough snickers without this.

-- While we've had better basketball in tonight's game, it hasn't reached the emotional intensity of Game 5.

-- Yet the free throws remain horrid.

-- Had to take a break, the Pistons have an uncomfortable 71-67 lead going into the fourth.

-- Why was I on break? A 13-run 8th inning by the Yankees forced a bit of a panic here at the office. Yes the Devil Rays were up 11-7 going into the 8th and lost 20-11. Gotta love the Rays.

-- I think the Rasheed Wallace-Dan Crawford feud will have to be solved on Hollywood Deathmatch.

-- And when he leaves the game Duncan gets a couple of boards, a put back and a foul.

-- Now its an uncomfortable 5-point lead. Still a lead, but still uncomfortable. Both teams have decided to make the fourth a big-time scrum too.

-- This is just intense basketball, every call and every non-call seem so much more crucial then the next. Detroit is just holding on the skin of their teeth and every time they get a little breathing room, the Spurs get a big 3-pointer or move from Duncan.

-- With five fouls, Rasheed Wallace should not be guarding Tim Duncan. And where's Ben Wallace at right now, it's 87-86.

-- ROSCOE~! comes up big in the clutch tonight. Trying to make up for Sunday's mental failures.

-- Duncan misses two put backs and a couple of free throws will clinch Game 6 for the Pistons? Unbelievable determination shown by the World champs and another terrible fourth quarter for Duncan.

-- Game 7, Thursday night for the belts. I hope the entire Pistons teams wears their title belts during the introductions and gives them to the officials to hold in the air before the tip off.

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