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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Game 7 Gibberish: The Final Battle

Have one eye on the game and a one on the *ping*

-- Arizona State is pissing me, c'mon guys! Not that I don't think Texas will win (they should) but I don't want to deal with the Gators.

-- Unfortunately the Pistons didn't wear the belts during the entrance. That would've been great.

-- Ginobili is the guy for the Spurs, he's not afraid to take the big shots.

-- The Pistons are not a good team on the break.

-- Spurs in the midst of a game-tying 6-0 run. This will be a tough game for either team to breakaway from IMO.

-- Pistons pick up their fourth team foul at the 4:30 mark.

-- Spurs had a 10-0 run, but the game is back to two points, close game, will be a close game. Both teams might stay under 80.

-- Prince hits an open 3-pointer, his first of the series I believe, meanwhile Popovich goes back to Ginobili and I expect he'll stick for Manu and Horry as long as he can because they will take the tough shots.

-- Detroit has gotten a good share of the 50/50 rebounds tonight.

-- 'Sheed gets his third. Did I hear a call for Elden Campbell?

-- Ok, anyone else want to a goldbrick an injury? These guys are overselling worst than the average pro wrestler.

-- Big Ben gets three open slams in a row. I have nothing to add to that.

-- Detroit up 39-38 at the half. It's close and it's low-scoring. The Spurs will try to generate some better offensive flow in the second half.

-- Pistons come out storming, scoring nine consecutive points.

-- Duncan's putback end an 0-for-8 stretch and another bucket trims the Pistons lead to two points.

-- Third quarter ends in a tie. I guess these teams are pretty evenly matched.

-- Spurs up by six with six minutes remaining. Can they do what Miami didn't do. Can they hold off the defending champions.

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