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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

FSU's Stance on God..

Yes, yes you all want to know what the big FSU guy thinks of Wyatt Sexton totally whacking out on some sort of mushroom after returning from the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee.

In case you're under a rock and didn't hear this story, here are a few excerpts from the Orlando Sentinel story written by my very talented friend Emily Badger.
One of Sexton's friends, Eric Reid, told police on Monday that Sexton had been "very stressed out" during the past week about his status as the starting quarterback, according to the police report.

Sexton, Reid and two other friends had just returned to Tallahassee around noon on Monday from a weekend Dave Matthews Band concert in Tennessee. They spent the afternoon together around the house that Sexton's three friends shared, according to the police report, and all three friends told police they did not think Sexton had been drinking or taking drugs.

They told police that they had been napping and did not realize when Sexton left the house Monday afternoon.

Curtis Hayes, a 57-year-old lawn-care worker, was mowing a lawn down the street on Spoonwood Drive when, he said, he saw Sexton come running down the
hill. Hayes said Sexton stopped suddenly in the middle of the road and started pointing his hands at him in a threatening manner.

"I got scared and started shaking," Hayes said Tuesday. He called police because of a "vicious look" he said he saw in Sexton's eyes. He said police responded after his third phone call, within about 25 minutes.

Among other things in this bizarre incident is Sexton calling himself "God" and the "son of God" when asked for his name by the authorities. He was only wearing wet athletic shorts so I can assume at some point he was trying to walk on water.

Now I know this might sound strange, but Sexton is a very smart kid, consistently winning academic awards for his high grades. That being said he's also very much a free spirit, to the dismay of his coaches he was always classified as laid back and not overly serious about practice or anything football.

He was suspended two weeks ago for unspecified team rules (the speculation is that he missed a drug test) so he wasn't at voluntary team workouts either. I would expect Sexton will take some time off from football and his return to the sport is doubtful.

FSU Quarterback Hospitalized [Orlando Sentinel]

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