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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bonds: Ron Kittle Is An Idiot

A week after claims were were that Barry Bonds told former Chicago White Sox Ron Kittle that he doesn't sign for white people, Bonds snapped back.
"Who is Kittle? How long did he play? He played in our league?" Bonds said, lying on a clubhouse couch before Thursday's game against the Royals. "Ha! Do you guys believe that? ... Do you guys know my life history a little bit? ... One, you insult my children, who are half-white.

"I was married to a woman who was white, so let's get real. I don't even know the guy. Tell him he's an ... idiot. Somebody said he wanted a piece of me. Tell him I'm at 24 Willie Mays Plaza and he can come get me anytime he wants to -- with pleasure. Don't insult my family."

In Kittle's book, "Tales from the White Sox Dugout," he writes that he approached Bonds at his locker in the visitors' clubhouse at Wrigley Field about autographing some jerseys to be auctioned for a cancer charity. Kittle retired after the 1991 season, and Bonds and the Giants were in Chicago to face the Cubs.

"It's the truth. I don't lie," Kittle told The Associated Press in a phone interview Tuesday. "I tell it as it is. It's unfortunate it happened. And I didn't bring it up to
sell the books."

Whether it's true or not I don't know. Of course the media types that hate Bonds ran with it because it's an easy thing to believe that he said just as a way to get Kittle to leave him alone.

However for Kittle to say he didn't bring it up to sell books? Riiiiiiiiiiight. And Jose Canseco really didn't want his book to focus on steroids either.

Bonds Snaps Back [AP]

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