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Friday, May 20, 2005

With Friends Like These..

...This is funny little nugget from the sports wire

Karl Malone's mansion overlooking the Salt Lake Valley was sold Thursday at auction for less than half the original asking price, and the surprise winning bidder was Malone's longtime agent.

Dwight Manley had the highest bid Thursday at $2.5 million, ending the sale of the estate that has been on the market for nearly two years. Manley will have to pay an additional 10 percent auction fee, pushing the total price to $2.75 million for
a property that once had been listed at $6.1 million.

"It's just not very often you buy something for less than half of what it would cost to build," Manley said from California...

Damn, it's sad enough this guy has been taking 10% of Malone's cash for 15 years, now he takes the man's house at less than half the value.
"I feel bad for him and I'm in shock about what I paid," Manley said.

Anyone believe that one?

Karl Malone's Agent Stiffs Him Again [AP]

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