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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Webber Wants Out?

I don't get Chris Webber, he complains when people want to know about him and Tyra Banks. He complains when he's surrounded by too many good players and now he's complaining about Allen Iverson.

According to a "friend" Webber says that Iverson dribbles too much and he wants out. Of course anyone can have him at the bargain price of $63 million dollars (over 3 years), which means that he's stuck in the City of Brotherly Love.

Of course Webber is backtracking because he realizes that:

a) He has been nothing short of a disappointment since arriving in Philly.
b) The Philly fans hate him because of 'a'
c) The Philly fans love Iverson.

So I'm sure the "Answer" will get and apology and a re-committment to excellent from his new sidekick.

Webber's Message is Loud & Clear [MSNBC]
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