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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Today's Best...

Pat Tillman: I never understood what purpose withholding information from a person's family would serve, unless the military really doesn't want people to trust them. Information withheld from the public? No problems there. But Tillman's parents, his new wife and his siblings should've known how their brother died. This doesn't make his choice any less admirable, but someone should be ashamed of the disservice they did to the man's family. [Washington Post]
"Notifying families in a timely way that they have had a loved one killed or severely injured is complex and imperfect work. We can do better," said Paul Boyce, an Army spokesman. "At the heart of every notification effort is a commitment to compassion and completeness in providing information as it is known to those who sustained the loss. That is what happened in the case of
Corporal Tillman, and that effort continues to this day."

New Yankees, Old Results: Kevin Brown gets beaten like an egg by the mighty Devil Rays. Yankees are now 11-16 and a long way away from first place. [NYT]

On the Other Side of the River: Tom Glavine keeps his reputation as stopper for the any Mets momentum. Glavine is now 1-4 with a 7.04 ERA and he has replaced Armando Benitez was the target of vicious Met fans. [NY Daily News]

Bonds Has Third Knee Surgery: This Bonds thing is funny. No one outside of the slugger has a clue of what's going on with his rehab. Something tells me that come July 15, his name will be in the lineup card and everyone will be caught off guard. [Reuters]

Sonics, Pistons Advance: Pistons-Pacers could matchup in second-round series if Pacers win game 6 in Indianapolis. Riot police have been warned. All Sonic reviews worth reader are at Brems [Link]

Pittsnogle to Enter NBA Draft: But he won't hire an agent. Good thing. [ESPN]

Spurned Big East Teams Settle Lawsuit: Finally they released that it doesn't matter how much money they get, the conference will still stink during football season. The cost for freedom -- around 5 million. [AP]

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