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Thursday, May 19, 2005

This Bud's for You

Enough is Enough and Bud Selig isn't going to take it anymore. Yesterday during Congressional steroid hearing, the MLB Commissioner went from dud to stud and let America's finest politicians begging for more.

This glorious afternoon in May was vastly different from the sour evening in March when a different committee whacked Selig and baseball all around Capitol Hill. "Different atmosphere," Selig said yesterday, as if the difference was between two casts of representatives. It was not.

This was a new Allan H. Selig on display for all the world to see, a man who spoke enthusiastically of 50-game suspensions for first offenders, 100-game suspensions for repeaters and lifetime bans for three-time losers.

Selig did everything but stand up on a table and shout, "Off with their heads!" It was perhaps his finest hour. Cringing Selig, dithering Selig, consensus-gathering Selig was long gone.

Well finally, after many years, it looks like Bud is standing up for himself...and for the game of baseball.

This Fight Leaves Selig Pumped Up [NYT]

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