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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stark vs. AP: You Decide...

Minor controversy surrounding Barry Bonds (who else?) concerning his recovery...or lack thereof.'s Jayson Stark originally stated that Bonds is immobilized and is receiving IV 24/7. His rehabilition is going so poorly that according to Stark its not a matter of when Bonds will be back, but if Bonds will be back. Originally Stark also stated that Bonds was facing a serious post-operative infection on his knee.

However, thanks to the magic of updated reports and an AP story, people around Bonds say that's not the case at all and the story changed and added in the following quote lifted from AP
"As of today, Barry Bonds is no longer on IV antibiotics," Giants trainer Stan Conte said. "This allows Barry to be a little more mobile, he has been pretty much stationary because of the IV. ... It's still important to keep a close check on the infection and make sure that it is totally eradicated."

The AP story goes even further.

Bonds is not immobilized "by any stretch of the imagination,'' his spokeswoman, Rachael Vizcarra, said Wednesday night.

"Barry's doing great. The IV antibiotic is very standard. He's not on it any longer, and he's progressing very well. He really wants to get back to his teammates,'' she said.

Oh I wish I would've saved that screen shot before ESPN saved themselves.

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