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Friday, May 20, 2005

Shocker, Romanowski Took Drugs...

How does Bill Romanowski get such a free pass. This guy is a punk in the greatest sense of the word. The notorious thug and a cheap-shot artist comes clean by admitted that he skirted the NFL drug policy for his entire career.

Is this a surprise? Not particularly, pretty much everyone knew Romanowski was a drugged up felon. But like I said, this guy is probably the biggest punk in sports and he gets maybe 5% of the venom that...Barry Bonds get.

"I didn't want that embarrassment, but I pushed that envelope ethically and morally because if I could take something that would help me perform better and it wasn't on the list, I was going to take it. I had two criteria: Would it hurt me? And would I test positive?

"... At the core, I compromised my integrity to become the best I could be, to perform at the highest level possible."

There's a man you want your kids to follow. And the sad thing is, a lot of kids, especially undersized high school kids look up to this guy because he was such an "intense" freak. He wa part of this rage that the NFL loved to market to kids. "Hey young man, take greenies and you can be just like this crazy asshole!"

"I'm always pushing that envelope. And in doing that, there are times that I've crossed the line. There are things I'm not proud of. But nobody will ever be able to say, man, Romanowski was lazy here, or he didn't work hard here, or he could have done this to help his career in that way.''

Ahh the infamous "hey no one can't say I didn't work hard" well no shit, I've usually found that those who take performance enhancing drugs usually go the extra mile. That's part of the drugs. And there are things he's not proud of? I seriously doubt that one.

Still back to Bonds vs. Romo. The media doesn't like Bonds, they shouldn't like him, he's a dick to most of them. But why should that matter to fans? Bonds never spat in guy's faces, he never ended a guy's career in practice. I wonder how Romanowski is to the media. He's probably a halfway decent guy to them so they don't run him through the shredder like he deserves.

Now he wasn't the nicest guy to the fans but it wasn't like he beat them up. He just ignored them, hell he ignores his teammates, what makes you so much better? Fans don't like him because he cheats? Well McGwire cheated and we threw him a parade. Fans like home runs, Bonds has given us 703. I'm not saying worship the guy, but he's not the end all be all of sports villians.

Especially when there's Bill Romanowski out there.

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