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Friday, May 06, 2005

Running Off the Wire

Kentucky Derby: I love horse racing, absolutely love it. If I goes well, I'll go to the Belmont Stakes this year. Hopefully my boy Brew isn't killing those disgusting Mint Juleps. None the less, I'm picking Afleet Alex. He's a better horse than Bellamy Road IMO.

Cheap Seats picks Bandini [Link]. No reason other than its a biproduct of Fusiachi Pegasus', 2001 Derby winner, I got no problems with that.

Pat Forde of ESPN and formerly from the Louisville Courier-Journal also picks Afleet Alex, which makes me think I've got the right idea. [Link]

It's Going Seven: Boston wins on the road without Pierce four days after winning on the road without Walker [Boston Globe]. Seems like an odd coincedence but I can't exactly pinpoint it.

Houston finally wins at home and ties the series with Dallas [Houston Chronicle]. The Mavericks shooting in the fourth quarter was atrocious. Lots of open looks and the rim took a massive pounding. No biggie though, if Dallas continues to get open shots like that, they will fall.

Marc Stein says T-Mac has answered all questions [Link]. I disagree, I still have a question: When is he going to win a playoff series? Maybe Saturday...

It Could Go Seven: Wizards-Bulls tonight. Not a lot of people have watched the first five games but it's been an entertaining series with a lot of young talent and athleticism. Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich and even Tyson Chandler have become the types of players you can root for. Washington is such a better team without the constant annoyance of Kwame Brown.

This is a must win for Washington, they've got the momentum and they can't afford to take their foot off the gas pedal. But I like the mental make-up of the Baby Bulls, they are undermanned and just keep fighting.

My verdict: Bulls win, we'll finish it on Sunday.

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