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Friday, May 27, 2005

Roy Williams Accepts Rules

I can understand Roy Williams' frustration. He gets labeled as a dirty player based on a tackle that he used. He was just making a play, never intended to hurt anyone.

Well now the horse collar tackle will cost him 15 yards. But Williams says he's cool with it and will make the necessary changes.
"I play by whatever rules the N.F.L. lays down," Williams said. "If there's a type of tackle that's legal, I'll use it. If it's not legal, I won't. It's as simple as that."

In having his name affixed to the decision, Williams joined an elite group of Dallas Cowboys players whose names are ascribed to an assortment of N.F.L. rules and regulations.

There is the Emmitt Smith rule, which makes it illegal for players to take off their helmets while on the field, as Smith was known for doing to celebrate a touchdown; the Deion Sanders rule, which prevents a team from circumventing salary caps by combining a high-signing bonus with a low-base salary; and the Mel Renfro rule, which permits an offensive player to touch the ball after it has touched a teammate without a defensive player's touching it in between.

Yeah, but the NFL says there's no conspiracy to keep Cowboys out of the Hall of Fame. Uh huh.

Williams Will Play by the Rules [NYT]

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