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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rosenhaus and the Men Who Love Him...

NFL superagent Drew Rosenhaus has the best agent-to-holdout ratio in league history. Name a Rosenhaus player and it's almost guaranteed he's holding out.

Javon Walker...holdout
Anquan Boldin...holdout
Edgerrin James...holdout

And then there's Terrell Owens. Owens fired his longtime agent to hire he could holdout.
Rosenhaus, an agent for 17 years, has been both admired and resented. Sports fans have sent him irate e-mail messages, calling him Darth Vader or Satan. Competing agents have accused him of stealing clients. Rosenhaus offers no apologies; he is determined to fight for his clients, regardless of the animosity it may cause.

"I worry about the P.R. hit that my clients take, but I never worry about the P.R. hit that I take," said Rosenhaus, who represents 91 players, the most of any N.F.L. agent. "I've been hired to do a job. I pride myself on being a dealmaker. Not a tough negotiator, not a hardliner, not someone who pounds the teams. I want to be viewed as a guy who can make a deal. Once I get what's fair, I pull the trigger."

Call Rosenhaus the modern-day Monte Hall. The only difference is that none of his clients are duds.

The Agent Nonplayers Love to Hate [NYT]

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