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Friday, May 27, 2005

Openly Rooting for Phoenix...

Sorry R.D., and this is no offense to the Spurs, but I had to put this on paper this week:
I can't lie -- I wrote off the Suns initially. I called them a flash in the pan. I even said I'd vote for Shaq over Nash for the MVP. This was wrong. I need the Suns. The people need the Suns. Basketball fans have been denied a professional team that can score for too long.

Even better than that, the Suns force their opponents to score. Before this series was set, the scoreboards in San Antonio probably didn't have three digits on them.

There's no way the Spurs can keep up with the scoring pace they've set: 121 points in Game 1 and 111 points in Game 2. They've already hit their three-game total from the 2003 Finals against the Nets.

Yeah, yeah, it's pretty sad and I really do enjoy the way the Spurs have played. Still I said what all the people really want to say. We dig the offense. If the Spurs can run and win...WHY don't they run and win eh?

We Need the Suns to Rise [The Ledger]

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