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Thursday, May 05, 2005

NBA Playoffs

I'm finally feeling it...There are a lot of good series going on (or completed) that seem to meet everyone's tastes. Phoenix gave us prepetual offense, Detroit-Philly was a tough battle highlighted by some strong individual performances. Boston-Indiana has been a ride with both teams winning crucial games on the road.

Houston-Dallas is the best thing going and Denver-San Antonio was sloppy at times but really intense throughout. Only two things was missing -- a clutch three-pointer.

Thank you Jannero Pargo.

And the other thing was a buzzer-beating game winner on the road.

Thank you Gilbert Arenas. [Sun-Times]

My question to anyone complaining about the NBA Playoffs is simple -- What the hell are you watching? This has been the best start to the playoffs in about 8 years. Three series have the chance to go seven and I have no clue who's going to win any of them.

Parity I tell you. The NBA is starting to figure out the deal. It's all about parity.

And while we're waiting for the best four teams to matchup. There's something intriguing about Ray Allen trying to keep him string going against Bruce Bowen. And who doesn't think Phoenix and Dallas will be explosive?

As for the rest of the World. There's still no joy in the Bronx as the Yankees lost again, however maybe Steinbrenner's horse will come through. [Courier-Journal]

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