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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The MVP Debate Continues

Dan Le Batard brought in race. My co-worker wonders if Amare Stoudemire wasn't on the Suns would they even be a playoff team (My opinion is no).

Either way the debate on Nash continues. There are a few reasons why Nash isn't been fawned over as an MVP.

a) He doesn't have the offensive skills to take over a game.
b) He can't play defense
c) He not a necessary piece to a team's success (see Mavericks, Dallas)

What Nash does is pla the point guard position very well. Something that few people in the league can do (Jason Kidd, Iverson on some occasions) right now.

That being said it's hard for me to call someone the MVP when I know they aren't the best player on their own team.

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