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Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday Roundup, NBA Style

Been a long weekend. Tom Glavine is still garbage, but I'm talking NBA Playoffs

Miami wins Game 1 of the series that will only go five games if the Heat's starting five decides to take the night off. San Antonio dominates in a series that I expect will go six, but could go five if the injuries to Radmanovic and Allen are serious.

Mike D'Antoni wins coach of the year. I got no problems with that.

What's getting my goat is Tracy McGrady. He admitted to quitting last year in Orlando because...well because the team sucked (partly due to him quitting). However, he got a free pass, especially when you consider what Vince Carter got (and really, what was the difference?).

Well on Saturday, the Rockets are down by 24 with 10 minutes remaining and look who's sulking on the bench. Tracy McGrady. Now 24 points down with 10 minutes remaining is a steep hill, but it's not impossible and considering it's an elimination game, I know I'd want to go down swinging. But not ol T-Mac, he was perfectly content to sit there and look disappointed. Meanwhile Yao actually stayed in the game despite the deficit reaching 30 and eventually 40. Of course Yao believes that fans puts a high price on honor and pride from its athletes.

More importantly you'd NEVER see Jordan quit in a Game 7 situation or ANY playoff situation no matter how bad it looked. Hell even Kobe will stay on the floor and hoist terrible shots in triple coverage. So I'm wondering if McGrady will get a free pass on this one too.

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