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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lowdown on LeBron

I think a lot has been made of LeBron James' decision to fire his agents, The Goodwin Brothers, and as usual most of it has been based on uneducated assumptions.

This isn't a Ricky Williams-Master P situation nor is it like the HBO show Entourage when the main character hires his unexperienced friend to run his career.

Two things about the crew that LeBron hangs out with:

a) They all went to/are in college.
b) They all have had some sort of management internships.

Why? Because LeBron's mother demanded that they do if they wanted to go into business with her son. This is definitely a new move for the NBA, most players want to avoid the business aspect of their career for as long as possible while James seems to want to embrace that side of the industry. Even entrepreneurs like Michael Jordan didn't really get into the business that his name was worth until later in his career.

Besides the Goodwins work was done. James has a rookie contract and will get the "max" deal after that and his $135 million dollars worth of endorsements are already active. Now he wants to direct where his off-the-court career goes.

The top link is a terrific Akron Beacon-Journal that profiles his new manager. I wish these kids a lot of luck and I wish I had that sort of motivation at 23.

Former Teammate Still at James' Side [Beacon-Journal]
James Cuts Ties With Agent Goodwin [Plain-Dealer]

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