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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's Just a Name...

New Jersey assemblyman Craig Stanley is wasting his state's money. I believe his heart is in the right place but his focus has been wavered as he has put out state legislation to retire the name of the NHL's New Jersey Devils.
The Essex County Democrat is leading the charge to retire the name 'Devils' after 23 years and three Stanley Cup championships and replace it with a name chosen in a statewide competition.

"This is an age where symbolism is very important," said Stanley, whose resolution to rename the team is to be introduced in the Assembly next month. "With the team coming to a new city, Newark, I thought it was a good time to do

Stanley's legislative district includes Irvington and parts of Newark, where the Devils are scheduled to move into a $310 million, 18,000-seat downtown arena in September 2007. The team currently plays in the Continental Airlines Arena at the Meadowlands sports complex in East Rutherford. Stanley said he is enthusiastic about having the arena and the team in Newark, but cool to its name and mascot.

"I've always cringed when people say they're going to see the Devils," said Stanley, a deacon at Newark's Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church. "The merchandise, the paraphernalia is based on the actual demonic devil. Personally, it causes a little bit of an issue with me."

Well Mr. Stanley actually the merchandize and paraphernalia isn't based on the actual demonic devil. It's based on the mythical "Jersey devil" and the team's mascot is a seven-foot cartoon character.

Besides I've been to Newark several times, Mr. Stanley would make his district much happier if he tried to get legislation to increase the law enforcement to cut down on the horrible crime rates and drug trafficking in his city.

Devils Not Happy With Name-Change Suggestion [Newsday]

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