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Friday, May 20, 2005

Give Ricky the Finger...

Or at least boo guy the guy when he comes back. Why? Well because he didn't want to play for a team that needed him to provide 95% of the offense. Makes sense.

Nonetheless Miami Herald columnist Greg Cote suggests a rude welcome for Ricky. But after the initial venom, give the guy a break.
You don't need to forget or forgive that Williams abandoned the Dolphins less than a year ago to follow his own eccentric muse, the shocker that surely tipped the first domino on Miami's awful 4-12 season.

But you probably do need to admit, if only into a mirror or in a confessional at church, that the 2005 Dolphins would be a better team with a presumably reenergized Ricky than without him.

Here's a compromise for the torn fan. Boo No. 34 during pregame introductions on opening day if you must. Slap him on the wrist. Make your statement. Hold up a ''Traitor!'' sign, even. Let him know that we know he was selfish and that we don't tolerate that type of behavior around these parts.

And then cheer wildly the first time he turns the corner and shoulders past some flyweight cornerback for 21 yards.

Chant ''Rick-y! Rick-y!'' -- but maybe softly, to let him know you're not over it yet -- as he torpedoes into the end zone.

However how long will they have to cheer him? He might be coming back, but he's not staying in Miami for more than a minute.

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