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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Coaches Vote Goes Public

Three college football posts in a row? Seems a little odd for May. Nonetheless this is very interesting.
Members of the American Football Coaches Association will make their votes in the final coaches' poll public starting this season, executive director Grant Teaff said Thursday.

Teaff said most coaches did not want to release the votes because of the scrutiny it would bring, but decided to vote for the change to quell any "uncalled-for controversy." He said there are no circumstances where the group would allow their in-season voting to be made public.

"The in-season polls are just a barometer," Teaff said. "The final poll that determines the two teams that play in the national championship seems to be the one every wants to know about."

The coaches also are embracing the concept of a true championship game, which means that we are moving closer and closer to a playoff. Anyone think these guys are finally starting to get the message?

Well yes and no. Remember the coaches are obligated to the BCS for the final football poll so chances are they will all vote for the same team. Real brave guys.

Coaches to Make Vote in Final Football Poll Public [AP]

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