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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Can't Spell Unhappy Pain in the Asses...

Without the 'U'.

The 'U' or University of Miami has been a longtime factory for football players but these days they seem to have more pride in where they've been rather than where they are. This has led to a problem for Redskins coach Joe Gibbs, Gibbs hasn't been able to reach two of his top players -- Clinton Portis or Sean Taylor -- because they need to spend time in the 'U'.
But I wonder about the University of Miami players -- the guys from the place they proudly call "the U." They don't seem to be happy where they are. Portis was terribly unhappy with Gibbs's offense last season. Taylor is unhappy here now. Edgerrin James is threatening not to report to the Colts. Jeremy Shockey wasn't happy working out in New York with the Giants, the team that pays him. So he left and went back to Miami to work out with "the U" guys.

Look at Kellen Winslow Jr., a U guy who so famously said he'd make the Redskins regret not drafting him. Winslow's contract specifically forbids him from riding a motorcycle. But he rode one anyway, wrecked it, and now he's out for the whole season. The U guys are an island unto themselves. They appear to value each other more than they value the teams they play for. They play very well on Sundays. But they don't appear to be particularly responsive to their teams on other days.

It's almost like U guys enjoy getting into scrapes with management. It's almost like a contest to see if they can force the teams into subservience and publicly punk them. I wonder how long it'll take Santana Moss to find something wrong here.

Probably not too long. Miami has put out lots of pro football talent but they seem to be forgetting to build character and maturity.

What We Have Is a Failure to Communicate [Washington Post]

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