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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And Now the News..

Kind of a quiet evening in sports.


Cincinnati Fans "Treated" to Magic: As the faithful at GAB watch the Reds' 6-run lead disappear thanks to a horrible "bullpen". The kicker was when "closer" Danny Graves gave up a two-run moonshot to John Mabry. How bad was the bullpen, check these numbers out:

Wagner: 1 IP, 3 hits, 1 run (earned)
Mercker: 1 IP, 1 hits, no runs
Weathers: .2 IP, 2 hits, 4 runs (earned), two walks
Graves: .1 IP, 4 hits, 3 runs (1 earned), two HRs

Yankees Win, But Will Change Lineup: Bernie Williams will head to the bench, Randy Johnson may go on the DL, Tony Womack will play left field, Hideki Matsui will play center and young Robinson Cano gets the call from Columbus to play second base for the rest of the season. [ESPN]

High-priced bust Steve Karsay will be designated for assignment and I expect Ruben Sierra to have the same fate when he comes off of the DL.

Even "GM" Brian Cashman has decided to take the road trip, maybe he wants to get as far away from Steinbrenner as possible [Newsday]

I called George last night and said I'd like to take a flight," Cashman said. "The way we're playing, I don't want to be too far away. I thought [Sunday's] game was the worst one we had this year."


Donovan Defends Himself: Finally Mr. McNabb has stuck up against the undue criticism from Terrell Owens and Freddie Mitchell, neither of whom made the Eagles mini-camp [Philly Inquirer]. Mitchell was not invited and will seek out a trade or just get released.
"When I'm on that football field, it doesn't matter who I'm throwing it to," he said. "If I'm throwing it to you, you can catch it. If you catch the ball, you get first downs, and that's what I'm happy about. What bothers me is when you... lash out and say whatever. That's when I would come to
have a problem. T.O. never called me. Freddie never called me. Hank called me and I talked to Runyan."

McNabb needed to go after Owens. The criticism he received from a guy he perceived to be his friend probably stung. For some odd reason it seems like McNabb gets it from every end, whether its his teammates or radio shot hosts. He's carried this franchise for much of his career without a strong tailback and, until last season, a top receiving threat.

No Deal for White: The Heisman Trophy winner in 2003 is a free agent again after failing to stick with the Kansas City Chiefs [AP]


Be Fair to Flair: Here's a funny one. Reid Fliehr, son of pro wrestling great Ric Flair got into a scuffle after his high school wrestling match when the kid who defeated him mocked him with a "Flair strut". [Charlotte Observer]

Reid's mom Beth says her son has consistently dealt with abuse from fellow wrestlers and parents based on his famous father.
Once, when Reid was 6 or 7 years old, she said, he was competing in Fayetteville when the adults all crowded around to watch, beating the floor chanting "Beat Reid. Beat Reid."

The Harden family has pressed criminal charges against Reid (give me a break)...
"Colby didn't have the right to do the shuffle. That was very un-sportsmanlike," he said. "That was Colby's way. It wasn't to hurt Reid. It wasn't to hurt Ric."

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