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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday's Brunch

The message brought to you by the New York Mets, always one day closer to 0-162.

A Tradition Like No Other...No TV Allowed...

Last night when the Masters finished its day of play Chris DiMarco held a four-stroke lead over Tiger Woods. When CBS picks up coverage on Sunday, Dimarco will have a three-stroke deficit to Woods, a result of a major Sunday morning charge that saw Woods make seven birdies in a row and threaten a round of 62 before cooling off and finishing with a 65.

Unless you were there, you didn't see it. I understand that Hootie and the boys don't like to concede to change, but it would be cool if they acknowledge that the...19th century has happened.

Needless to say I think the tournament is over. Tiger isn't known for blowing final day leads at major tournaments and if it is over the best drama was saved for the highlight reel...Good job Augusta.

Steroids...My Take...

This is my column that ran on Friday. I'm talking about big, bad Alex Sanchez. [The Ledger] It got pretty good feedback.

NFL Draft

My best friend Cesar and I will start the mock draft either at the end of this week or at the beginning of next week. I think we are going to try to do the first 3 rounds. Last year we only did 40 picks but we were pretty solid, even seeing Vince Wilfork slip to the Patriots, picking Vilma with the Jets and so forth.

As of now I have no clue who'll be the top choice. Luckily I won't picking it in the Mock Draft since I'll take the even choices (so I can make the Jets' pick, Cesar is a Giants fan, their first round choice is nonexistent).

The Niners have whittled it down to four [SF Chronicle]. None of which are the infamous Ron Mexico. He seems to have problems of his own [The Smoking Gun].

If I had to breakdown their four choices, here's what I think.

Alex Smith: He's still getting better, apparently his workout was the stuff made of legends.'s Gil Brandt said the following: [link]
I've been coming to private workouts for decades, but this is the first time I can remember a player receiving a standing ovation from his audience. He was lights out. Smith threw for 45 minutes, and in that time, only one ball wasn't catchable, and that was at the end of the session when [Steve] Savoy's tongue was hanging out after being run all over the field.

Aaron Rodgers: I dunno about this guy, something doesn't feel right. He's got great size, great accuracy, a pure cannon and one of the great QB gurus in Jeff Tedford as a coach. He also led Cal to their best season in many years, still something doesn't feel quite right. He had a strong workout and apparently its neck-and-neck between the two QBs.

Braylon Edwards: Most polished receiver in the draft (Mike Williams is more talented and younger) and a proven playmaker. This looks like a potential spot to trade down or its John York being cheap. The assumption is that no one outside of the Niners will rate Edwards ahead of Williams so they could trade down and possibly out of the top five.

Antrel Rolle: The wildcard in this foursome, this is obviously a trade down pick even though Rolle is gaining a good bit of steam. Obviously it'll be tough to justify picking a shut down corner on a team that so desparately needs offensive leadership. Even if he is as good as Rolle.

So it'll be interesting to see...Right now I think the Niners are leaning towards Rodgers or trading down.

Tomorrow I'll do my weekly baseball update...I swear!

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