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Monday, April 04, 2005

Opening Day Blues...

I was so ready to enjoy developing this man crush on Carlos Beltran after his GOD-LIKE day at the plate and than Braden (Don't call me Armando) Looper ruins it for me. A**hole. And Pedro was beyond a monster.

On to tonight's game. Go Illinois...

For some odd reason I'm getting flashbacks of the Duke-UConn game of 1999 [link]...There was Duke, vastly talented (Corey Maggette was the third option off the bench), won 32 in a row, crazy inside-out game.

But they were lazy, no one outside of Battier played defense with any sort of consistency, they assumed they were so much better than they could play at 65% of their skill level and win easily, most of the time they were right.

Than I look at Illinois...and I think to myself, does Dee Brown = Richard Hamilton...Sorta kinda, they are both winners...As a matter of fact here's what Coach K said about Hamilton.
"I think Hamilton expects to put points up on the board every night," Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said. "He expects to win."

Carolina has played teams a notch below their level thus far and they've been lazy...Villanova outplayed them, Wisconsin scored a program-high 82 points against them. If you look at the easy road they've taken there's no reason why they shouldn't have won every game by 10.

Illinois on the other hand works their butts off at every level. Offense, defense, every thing is about finishing the job. Deron Williams is a defensive STOPPER. He shuts down his guy and he's going to shut down McCants or Felton tonight.

I don't know who has the coaching edge, both guys are interesting. UNC is a typical Roy Williams team, talented, offensively sound, very athletic, lazy on defense. I haven't gotten a hold of what Bruce Weber's teams are like, but this year they are keen passers and strong on the perimeter.

In the end I'm taking it back six year, Illinois 77, UNC 74 and a shout out to the "weak" Big Ten that only had 3 teams in the Elite Eight and two in the Final Four.

In other news, 38 minor leaguers were suspended for violating the drug program [ESPN]. Boy another great coincidence...*Gammons mode* Boy this proves this baseball testing program really works...*Gammons mode off*...

Shawn Kemp is apparently a former NBA star now. Personally I thought he was an overweight has been. Go figure. Anyway he got popped with the hat trick -- coke, pot and a semi-automatic [ESPN]. I hope he wasn't dealing, but it's got to be tough to feed a family of 71.

Sure Juventus-Liverpool doesn't excite many fans, but if you needed a reason to watch some UEFA cup, this article gives you a pretty good excuse [London Times]. It should be intense.

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