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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mock Draft Thoughts...

Well Cesar and I already started some of Round 2 on Friday and I'll put those picks up sometime in the morning, I just wanted to have a completed Round 1 up for the weekend.

I know for a fact that I have Patriot fans, Jet fans, Giant fans, Seahawk fans, Bear fans, Cowboy fans and Steeler fans looking at the site and so far no one has complained...Hell R.D. seems to think Cesar and I should be contributing to the Cowboys war room.

However looking back on the first round that was, we've obviously got to compensate for some guys who might go in the first round..

Heath Miller: Should be a first rounder anywhere between the Jets at 26 and the Steelers at 30. I actually think he will be a Steeler. However I tried to explain the method for my madness since I chose the selections for both the Jets and the Steelers..

The Jets have a lot of holes to cover. They lost a lot in free agency. They've also went defense in the last three drafts with varying levels of success. The last three tight ends the Jets picked in the first round were all busts (Johnny Mitchell, Kyle Brady and Anthony Becht) and all those things play into a pick. We'd be fools if we ignored history.

As for the Steelers. I think they will choose the line over a tight end. They need a safety valve for Big Ben, but they need to replace the line more. Losing Keydrick Vincent, a former Lake Gibson High me, was a major hit to their depth. He could line up at guard or tackle. Everything Pittsburgh does revolves around strong line play and frankly as good as Miller is with the ball, he's not the best blocking tight end in the world. They could find a better fit for their offense in the middle rounds.

Demarcus Ware: This was strictly a numbers game. There are roughly 5,000 OLB/DE hybrids in this draft and who's to know which one is preferred over which on each draft board. From the 10th pick on its hard to see who thinks Ware is better than David Pollack or Dan Cody or whoever.

As for other questionable picks, I know that its doubtful Cedric Benson will fall out of the top 10 but in this sort of draft its possible. It's also likely that Pac-Man Jones will not fall past 15 but can anyone honestly tell me why you've rather have him over Carlos Rogers? or even Justin Miller.

Again, it's a numbers game...Sure I reached for Alex Barron, sure I reached for Erasmus James but there are very few definites in the draft.

Either way I'm looking forward to the next two rounds...We'll be doing a lot of guessing and projecting. Anything within 5 picks of where we have them at should be considered a good prediction.

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