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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mock Draft (Round 3 Completed)

65 San Francisco -- Marion Barber III, RB, Minnesota

Cesar: I love this Mock Draft stuff Corey. I don't care if you are working in Pnomh Penh next year, this is going to be an perennial event for us. San Fran tops the 3rd rd with a pick that they can't believe fell at their doorstep. Kevan Barlow was a major disappointment last year and some depth is needed as well.

66 St. Louis (from Miami) -- Barrett Ruud, LB, Nebraska

Corey: Great value pick for St. Louis, another addition to a defense that always needs work, especially after giving up 400 rushing yards against Atlanta in the playoffs.

67 Cleveland -- Atiyyah Ellison, DT, Missouri

Corey: Demarcus Ware is planned to be at the OLB spot, so help at the DT spot is sorely needed. DT's continue their reign on the 2005 Draft.

68 Tennessee -- Jerome Mathis, WR, Hampton

Corey: Norm Chow needs a few weapons and Tennessee is going to take the flyer on this small school superhero. If Mathis went to Virginia instead of Hampton he'd be a top 15 pick.

Cesar: Damn, Mathis was going to be in my coming mix. Good pick.

69 Oakland -- Ernest Shazor, S/LB, Michigan

Cesar: Oakland's needs LB and DL help. This guy is simply the best value left on the board and it's hard to believe he is still there.

Corey: Shazor is a safety, you're moving him to linebacker?

Cesar: He's a OLB/S tweener. He's 228 lbs and runs a 4.70 40. The top 5 safeties in this year's draft average 215 lbs and run 4.50 40. Thomas Davis is the only exception.

70 Miami (from Chicago) -- Justin Tuck, DE/OLB, Notre Dame

Corey: Gotta go with more value. Nick Saban is looking for so many things he doesn't pick for need at this stage but talent and this guy is probably the best on the board.

Cesar: How in the hell was he left on the board! That's grand theft.

71 Tampa Bay -- Oshiomogho Atogwe, S, Stanford

Cesar: In consecutive offseasons the team has lost both John Lynch and Dwight Smith. They go out west to get this underrated safety.

Corey: That's a mouthful

72 Detroit -- Adrian McPherson, QB, FSU/Indiana Firebirds

Corey: Detroit has Joey Harrington and Jeff Garcia as quarterback, that basically means they need a quarterback. McPherson's not only the best on the board, he might be the best in the draft.

Cesar: Well...well Big C. That was a FANTASTIC pick. I have simply forgotten about A McPherson. He made a bad choice in life about the gambling thing (who cares). A Rae Carruth he ain't.

73 Houston (from Dallas) -- Adam Snyder, OG/OT, Oregon

Corey: Houston needs to continue building protection for David Carr and getting tougher up front.

*note* At this stage we started making multiple picks to get this done before lunch on Friday.

74 N.Y. Giants -- Eric Green, CB, Virginia Tech

Cesar: The Giants feel this pick was not going to be at #74. It is. Will Allen will play out his last year as a Giant and may find serious competition for a starting position in '05.

75 Arizona -- Matt McCoy, OLB, San Diego State

Cesar: The Cardinals will need an upgrade at the LB position.

Corey: The already got an upgrade (I think) at the uniform position. First the tough bird not the Ball State jersey design. Way to aim high!

76 Denver (from Washington) -- Eric Shelton, RB, Louisville

Corey: You know the Broncos love running backs and you and I are a big fan of Mr. Shelton

77 Philadelphia (from Kansas City) -- Michael Boley, OLB, Southern Miss

Cesar: Philly is having a sensational draft: C Crowder, C Fason, R White. And there's 2 picks to go left in the 3rd round! Not good news for the 'Boys, 'Skins, and GMen. Add another LB to to the equation.

78 Houston -- Roscoe Parrish, WR, Miami

Corey: Houston gets a deep threat to go along with the monster that is Andre Johnson. Parrish is small but he's extremely quick and tougher than one would expect.

79 Carolina -- Gerald Sensabaugh, S, North Carolina

Cesar: Carolina gets a safety on the rise. Was an All-American in the Div IAA. Transferred to UNC and excelled as well. Look for the momentum to continue at the pro level.

80 Minnesota -- Logan Mankins, S, Fresno St.

Cesar: Minnesota will shore up their O-Line with a guard on the rise thanks to his stellar senior season campaign.

81 St. Louis -- Stanley Wilson Jr., S, Stanford

Cesar: St. Louis adds a depth to their CB position. The son of "SB no show" Stanley Wilson Sr, Wilson Jr could be special.

82 New Orleans - Donte Nicholson, S, Oklahoma

Corey: The word for the day is value. The Saints grab their second safety on the first day. They needed a lot of help in the backfield and Nicholson is strong against the run. Chances are they've traded Darren Howard for another first-day pick.

83 Cincinnati -- Alfred Fincher, ILB, Connecuticut

Corey: Cincinnati is still monitoring the injured status of Nate Webster and Marvin Lewis needs to find a talented backup.

84 Baltimore -- Andrew Walter, QB, Arizona St.

Corey: A message has been sent to Kyle Boller, the time is now and Baltimore drafts a potential replacement if its necessary.

85 Seattle -- Kirk Morrison, ILB, San Diego St.

Cesar: Seattle gets the type of player you hate to underestimate. One of the most highly decorated linebackers in all of college football. We all know Seattle needs all the 'D' they can get.

86 Buffalo -- Ronald Bartell, CB, Howard

Cesar: Buffalo adds a a CB who has everything the NFL is looking for physically. One of the top sleepers in the draft.

87 Jacksonville -- Ryan Moats, RB, Louisiana Tech

Cesar: Now, this is an intriguing pick for Jax. Fred Taylor has hit the age of 30 and although he can do it all, this backup would be an excellent change of pace.

88 N.Y. Jets -- Kevin Everett, TE, Miami

Corey: Even thought the Jets traded for Doug Jolley, Chris Baker isn't the long-term answer in a two tight end set. Everett has strong potential.

Cesar: I had Everett originally picked for the Bills, until I saw a higher need for Buffalo. Everett was definitely on the radar.

89 Green Bay -- Jason Brown, C/G, North Carolina

Corey: The Packers are going to take this big center and see what he can do as a left guard. The rate of success should be high.

90 Atlanta -- Terence Murphy, WR/KR, Texas A&M

Cesar: Atlanta gets a sturdy, tough, and hard-working WR. This guy will make a solid #2 option in the year's to come.

91 Tampa Bay (from San Diego) -- Mike Nugent, PK, Ohio State

Cesar: Tampa Bay's needs now go into OG and DT. But let's think about this for a moment. How many fans out there in Buccaneer-land desire a dependable placekicker? After living through the ups and down of Martin Grammatica, they'll thank the FO for this gift.

92 Indianapolis -- Leroy Hill, CB, Clemson

Corey: Indianapolis continues building the defense for both starters and depth, it's important to get guys who are ready to contribute.

93 Pittsburgh -- Roydell Williams, WR, Tulane

Corey: Pittsburgh needs to get some more receiving depth and this is an underrated prospect, the type that seem to thrive in the Steelers organization.

94 Philadelphia -- Ray Willis, OT, Florida State

Corey: There's no way Philly is keeping all these picks so they have the luxury to take whoever they want. Willis is a good line prospect that doesn't have to be rushed into a game.

95 Arizona (from New England) -- Antonio Perkins, CB/KR, Oklahoma

Cesar: There were other CB's out there rated above Perkins, but they don't bring the ST abilities he does. AZ likes this versatile prospect.

96 Tennessee (Compensatory Selection) -- Vernand Morency, RB, Oklahoma State

Cesar: Chris Brown is not always healthy. Morency should spell relief. Tennessee thinks so.

97 Denver (Compensatory Selection) -- Nick Collins, S, Bethune-Cookman

Cesar: Kenoy Kennedy has gone bye-bye thru FA. Enter the small-school product for the Broncos.

98 Seattle (Compensatory Selection) -- Jovan Haye, DE, Vanderbilt

Cesar: A streaky player who is either great or average. At this point, Seattle will take average.

99 Kansas City (Compensatory Selection) -- Scott Starks, CB, Wisconsin

Corey: Kansas City continues trying to bolster a defense in need of everything with another strong defensive back prospect.

100 New England (Compensatory Selection) -- Frank Gore, RB, Miami

Corey: New England probably won't be able to keep Kevin Faulk pass this season so they will draft a backup for Corey Dillon that could eventually start.

101 Denver (Compensatory Selection) --Vincent Jackson, WR, Northern Colorado

Cesar: Hey, Rod Smith isn't exactly a young buck and Ashley Lelie hasn't stepped up to the plate. This prospect has a lot of upside and potential and also played basketball in college. One of the top sleeper prospects in the draft according to many experts.

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