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Friday, March 11, 2005

Quick Hitters..

-- The Colts Are Going to Lose Their Edge: He says the offense is like the Jackson 5 (continuity and dysfunctionality) [Indy Star]. Works for me, but who's willing to be Marlon? What can the Colts get for the Edge? They should be able to get a first rounder and they could possibly sucker a team like the Cardinals into giving their their Top 10 pick for it. I do like that trade with San Francisco however, Edge for a second, a sixth and Barlow? Sounds like a winner.

-- Fear the Turtle?: Not if you're on the NCAA Selection Committee. Sweep Duke, lose to Clemson three times [Wash. Post]. Makes perfect sense. While ESPN says bubble busted, Travis Garrison begs, "it's up to the selection committee to just give us a chance, and I pray that we make it."

-- Frauds?: Boston College goes down and takes any chance of a #1 seed with them [NJ.Com]. Love the attitude of forward Craig Smith though: "But it doesn't matter to us. It really doesn't matter who we play. We just have to go out there and kill our opponent." That's the spirit Craig, kill 'em all and let god sort them out. Gotta give credit to West Virginia though, they needed two wins to get in and they got them. Now the committtee should slap them with a nice 6 seed.

-- Opponent Needed for Oakland (Mich.): Weber State couldn't hang with Montana [Sportsline] so my choice remains Delaware State for a Tuesday night showdown (as long at they win the MEAC).

-- And what about South Florida?: Well yes the Bulls continue to shock by beating Big East-bound Cincinnati ("When you get whipped like that, it's hard to think about anything else," says Huggy) by 12 in Cincinnati. [St. Pete Times] Tonight they have Memphis. Say they beat Memphis and the winner of UAB-Louisville on Saturday. They would be 16-15 with a semi-major conference title. Where do you seed them? Well I don't think you could seed them lower than 9.

-- Mike Tice = Ticket Broker: Scalping tickets as a head coach? [ESPN] Forcing players to sell to a certain broker? Do we fire Tice for:

a) Criminal Activity
b) Stupidity
c) Being a terrible head coach
d) All of the above

-- Sad News: It looks like one talent won't make it back to the No Hockey League. Peter Forsberg took six weeks to recover from a broken hand only to suffer a concussion in his first game back in the Swedish Elite League. [Denver Post] Forsberg is no stranger to concussions (hell injuries period) and his father, Kent, says his career is over, "he has had his share of concussions, so this is it,". He was one of the few bright offensive spots in the watered down NHL.

-- Sorry Courtside: But Chris Webber is playing like garbage in Philly and he's squabbling with his new coach about minutes []. Can't blame Jim O'Brien for not wanting to sit through 40 minutes of a 5-for-17 performance. And the fans? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! But Webber understands ("I wanted to boo my damn self."). Here's hoping C-Webb gets it together.

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