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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

More Quick Hitters

-- Updated subpeona checklist:

McGwire...Yes [Post-Dispatch]
Canseco...Sort of [Star-Tribune]

-- Gregg Doyel blasts the NCAA Play-in Game (and rightfully so) [Sportsline]

-- Tiger Woods says he's not going to golf for as long as we think. Phil Mickelson will eventually have to find someone new to be second banana too. []

-- My precious Jets sue those evil bastards at Cablevision for denying my team their right to build a stadium on the West Side. [Newsday]

-- Viva la NFL! San Francisco and Arizona set to play first regular season game south of the border. Mexican government begs NFL to reconsider the matchup. [SF Chronicle]

-- Ignoramus award of the day goes to Brian Jordan for this zinger: "[Mark] McGwire is such a great guy. Whether he used steroids or not, it doesn't take away from his personality or what he did for baseball. []

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