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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Any Volunteers???

No?? Well the government decides to try a different approach.

After politely asking several former and current MLB players to step forward and testify about steroid on Capitol Hill, U.S. Congress has decided to just demand some words from noted roider Jason Giambi and suspected juicer Sammy Sosa along with retired roider Mark McGwire, who's carefully constructed faux image couldn't get him out of this one.

"We hope subpoenas won't be necessary, but we are prepared to move forward with subpoenas [Wednesday] if we receive information that witnesses are not willing to appear voluntarily," David Marin, a spokesman for House Government Reform Committee chairman Rep. Tom Davis, said Tuesday.

It seems very simple. Either "volunteer" or we'll make you come and tell us the truth.

Do I agree with this approach? Absolutely not, the less government the better (and lbe honest Republicans, big government is the most bipartisan practice in D.C.), especially when half these Congressmen just want to be part of the group that eliminated roids from baseball.

However, as much as I disagree with the potential of a subpoenas, I have to chuckle at the fact that the union can't save their boys this time. Someone's getting sent out to pasture.

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