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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Links

-- Ahh the AP goes back to easier times when guys nicknamed Sweetness, Samauri Mike and The Fridge ruled the roost. Remember those days Patriots? Of course not, why would you want to.

-- Describe the two head coaches in this game...Stoic? Sure. Noble? Yes. Smart? Absolutely. But innovative? Bill Williamson of the Denver Post tells us why.

-- Rob Longley is back and this time he's discussing the renewal of a college rivalry...Really? How could I have forgotten the great, historical Syracuse-Michigan rivalry...Oh yeah, it was just one game. McNabb's Syracuse team did the unthinkable and beat Brady's Michigan team in the big house. It was a huge upset at the time and no one knew who the hell Tom Brady was.

Boy those guys miss the NHL...Badly.

-- Apparently Tom Brady has "it" ... The cooties? I dunno.

-- Patriots are just average without Bill Belichick? I don't buy it but Milwaukee's Bob McGinn is throwing out the genius tag.

-- In case you forgot, the AFC is better and Philly hasn't played anyone. That is the opinion of Keith Wehmeyer of the (University of) Pittsburgh News. With such an original column thought, it's no wonder Pitt is known more for its engineering school.

-- Rob Longley in Winnipeg says it'll be over by halftime. And given the Patriots' last two Super Bowl wins, I suggest he stick to hockey.

-- Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald says Donovan McNabb gives the Eagles the edge at quarterback. However, he just just short of outright picking the Eagles when he says:

There is really no such thing as an upset any more in the NFL given that the financial system is structured to legislate balance and parity. The last huge surprise in this league was the Patriots beating the Rams in the Super Bowl to start this dynastic run. It wouldn't be a shock if Philadelphia, less than a touchdown underdog, were to knock down Bill Belichick.

Come on Dan, just spell it out. Have a little heart for a change.

-- The Chicago Tribune has the motherload of previews. And whaddya know, all four "experts" pick the Patriots.

-- Paul Tagliabue on the rain: "In today's environment, if the biggest problem is a little rain, you should count yourself as a very lucky person." Good for you Commish.

-- And we're starting this super-sized links package with a bang as Washington Post columnist and ESPN personality Michael Wilbon states his pick clearly in his lede. To further elaborate, he feels that the Eagles have the potion for an upset.

My only question, is it really an upset? When New England beat St. Louis, *that* was an upset. I don't think anyone believes Philly doesn't belong, they just all feel that New England is better.

-- However, Dallas columnist Tim Cowlishaw disagrees and the UK tabloid The Guardian goes ever further than that.

-- In case you were stuck under a rock, you'll know that Terrell Owens sat out Saturday's walk through. However come Sunday, T.O, says he'll give 'em hell.

-- Matchup Breakdown, don't look any further that Dr. Z for offense, defense, and special teams.

-- Chuck Bednarik = Grumpy Old Man.

I feel a little bad for Chuck, but he really needs to get over his dislike for the NFL. I mean we all will make some sort of sacrifice in life for someone else to succeed but it's rare the man that is so bitter about it. Ok, if the Eagles lose your team is the last title team. Does he really think the Philly fans will forget any of their champions? No way.

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