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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

SB: Top 5 Worst Coaching Performances

I stick with the downers from the Super Bowl, I give to you the Top 5 worst coaching performances. The criteria is simple, as long as the coach has at won more than two Super Bowls he's not included. So despite the fact that Don Shula laid eggs in Super Bowls III, XVII and XIX, he was great in Super Bowls V, VII, and VIII.

On with the list.

1) Mike Martz (Super Bowl XXXVI): Just terrible job and the scary thing is, I think he did it on purpose. Marshall Faulk was basically an unperson in XXXIV when Kurt Warner threw for 414 yards, so two years later Martz wanted to prove that he could win with Faulk doing even LESS. It didn't work and he looked like a fool. Needless to say the Rams haven't come back since.

2) Dan Reeves (Pick One): Dan Reeves is a heck of a coach and was a great NFL player. However, when it comes to the Super Bowl, he doesn't have a chance. Four times, four blowouts. We'll choose Super Bowl XXXIII when he allowed Eugene Robinson to play after spending the night in the slammer. Bad move as John Elway torched Robinson for an 80-yard score early and abused him often.

3) Bill Callahan (Super Bowl XXXVII): Well this gives you an idea of how bad Martz and Reeves were because I can say that at least they tried. Callahan was a terrible NFL coach and didn't bother to change anything during the week before the game to try and trick Bucs coach Jon Gruden, who coached the Raiders the year before. Needless to say every time Rich Gannon called an audible, the Bucs defense shouted the play and adjusted accordingly. Callahan was not only a bad coach, but he was lazy.

4) Bud Grant (Pick One): Another four games, four blowouts victim and its a shame because Grant's teams were loaded on both sides of the ball. The choice here is Super Bowl VIII when the Vikings vaunted front four was manhandled by the Dolphins power running attack. Miami only threw seven passes in the game, compared to 53 rushes.

5) Marv Levy (Pick One): I clinch my teeth at this pick because I don't think he put together such bad game plans, however he was surrounded by incompotent players when it mattered. Is it his fault Thurman Thomas lost his helmet in one game and fumbled twice in another? I guess he got outcoached in Super Bowl XXV, but who doesn't get outcoached by Bill Parcells? If I had to pick one I'll pick Super Bowl XXVII because it was one of the most embarassing performances ever.

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