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Saturday, February 05, 2005

SB: Top 5 Performances (WR)

Down to two and I must say this was the toughest of the bunch so I had to add some criteria to save me from criticism.

-- Time Limit in effect. Unfortunately this kicks Max McGee's performance in Super Bowl I off the charts.

-- TDs are mandatory, but timing is the key. Gotta give the edge to the game winner.

-- 125-yard minimum. It's a little higher than the running backs.

Here we go.

1) Lynn Swann (Super Bowl X): Six in one, half dozen in the other. Hard to choose between Swann and Jerry Rice but the athleticism involved in Swann's catches and the game-winning 64-yard touchdown score put him over the top. Only four catches, but they were all big, all graceful and he averaged 40 yards per. Game MVP.

2) Jerry Rice (Super Bowl XXIII): The greatest receiver of all time had the greatest Super Bowl receiving day of all time in January of 1989. Rice caught 11 passes for 215 yards and actually got MVP nods over Joe Cool. This was classic Rice too, running the slants, hooking the ball over the orange pylon, blocking downfield and selflessly taking the double team to free up John Taylor for the game-winning touchdown.

3) Isaac Bruce (Super Bowl XXXIV): Highly underrated performance that was overshadowed by Kurt Warner's 414 yards and Mike Jones' game-saving tackle. Bruce caught six passes for 162 yards but none more important than the 73-yard touchdown catch over Samari Rolle with two minutes remaining.

4) Ricky Sanders (Super Bowl XXII): Since I couldn't get Doug Williams on the QB list, Sanders gets to enter here. Nine catches, 193 yards and two scores. Classic speed receiver, vastly underrated, great balance and speed. He abused Denver's Steve Wilson. Not a game-winning reception but his 80-yard touchdown catch cut Denver's lead to 10-7 and the rout was on.

5) Deion Branch (Super Bowl XXXVIII): Strong game throughout. Caught the first touchdown pass of the game and had a key reception on the game-winning drive. I think Branch could have another big game on Sunday, he's a big-time receiver.

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