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Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Morning Toast: The Art of the Denial...

In thinking of a way to guarantee on almost daily post. I've decided on using "The Morning Toast" as the name. Today it's more like the Sunday Brunch Bruschetta because it's 2 p.m., but whatever.

Anyway, I'm thrilled about getting this Canseco book tomorrow. Even if the steroid stuff isn't huge in it, I'm sure he's got some great stories about sleeping with half the Raiderettes or something.

However, after listening to the Sports Reporters this morning. They made a good point about denials...or lack thereof. Let's start with Big Mac's denial, the one who some say is untouchable.
"I have always told the truth and I am saddened I continue to face
this line of questioning."

The truth he told was that he used andro. Baseball banned the substance soonthereafter and it's safe to say that McGwire's decline from his 1998 (70 HRs) and 1999 (65 HRs) season was pretty dramatic.

How about Bret Boone's denial?

"I don't know him. He doesn't know me. . . . The most I've ever said to him is, `What's up, Jose?' End of story."

Interesting denial don't you think. All he says is that Canseco didn't know him, no where does he deny using steroids.

Just something new to think about.

-- Speaking of America's pastime. Jason Giambi's apology was somewhere in between a joke and a gag. You can believe the Yankees had no prior knowledge of his usage if you want to, but they didn't remove all steroid language from his contract.

Here's Giambi on his role model status:
"I hope the message here that the parents or even the kids understand is that this is a guy who's facing his problems. He's not running from them. He's trying to overcome them. He's not quitting. That's what makes you a man."

BTW, Giambi is back up to his 235-pound physique that he got while in Oakland. So I can believe he's "trying" to overcome them, but he hasn't actually gotten there yet.

Giambi on Jose Canseco:
"I think it's kind of sad Jose's so desperate to make a dime."

He said he and McGwire used to shoot you up the ass and that's the best you've got? Is it true? Is it not true? Tell us the truth.

The Boss, George Steinbrenner added the following:
"It takes a hell of a big man to stand up and apologize to his teammates, to New York Yankee fans and to baseball fans everywhere and admit he was wrong."

Yeah it obviously takes a big man...A man that weighs about 235-238 pounds according to The New York Times. Mind you Giambi didn't admit what he was sorry for.

As for Giambi's character. It takes a real man not to cheat in the first place. I don't think he's there yet.

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