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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Midnight Snack: Manic Monday...

Just when morning toast doesn't do it.

More Steroid Accusations

First there's Victor Conte, then Jose Canseco and now...some skank Barry Bonds slept with.

Yes, because the one thing this baseball epidemic needed were more non-credible witnesses, I give you Kimberly Bell. Miss Bell has apparently had a long, extramarital relationship with Bonds and she told Geraldo (yet another credible news source...why not just tell Matt Drudge) that she saw Bonds use steroids, he's got acne, etc. etc.

I'm not going to deny Bell's story. Hell I believe Canseco for the most part. However I'm going to inspect the media double standard here. Because Canseco is being ripped for basically being a low-life (partially true) but will the media take this woman who we don't have a clue about, and who all but admitted she wasn't paid enough to shut up, seriously? That's the question. I'm expecting Kato Kaelin to say he injected Mike Piazza in the next few days.

Well the L.A. Times is at least interested and the N.Y. Post is being the tacky tabloid it usually is.

NFL = Not For Long

Especially if your name is Jeff Garcia. On Monday, the Browns decided to just release the NFL's most popular metrosexual. Garcia was never a fit in Cleveland as the success he achieved in San Francisco (thanks to Terrell Owens) couldn't be matched (due to a lack of guys named "Terrell Owens" on the Browns).

So if there were any doubts that Romeo Crennel is running this show, those doubts have been erased. It seems plainly obvious that Cleveland will focus on a QB in the draft and probably resign free agent veteran Kelly Holcomb.

As for Garcia. Well he's not very good without Terrell Owens, if anything he's proved that Terrell Owens is probably still underpaid. I mean that guy can make a QB look good while playing on a broken leg. Garcia needs to spend the year as a backup somewhere to get his confidence back. I'd suggest the Jets, he'll get plenty of work as Chad Pennington recovers from surgery and the Jets need an experienced backup.

If backup isn't his thing, the Arizona Cardinals have a logjam at QB and all of them are horrible. I expect him to sign in one of five places (N.Y. Jets, Arizona, Dallas, Miami and New Orleans) with an incentive-laden contract.

Personally I think Garcia is a horrible average quarterback made to look great by T.O., however he's got enough athletic ability to where he can be successful. He's a bit of a whiner...okay he's a LOT of a whiner and his sheer existence seems to grate certain people (T.O.) the wrong way. He also didn't get along with the Browns' staff and complained about how he was being used.

In other news, the Vikings will have the NFL's first black owner. The NFL hasn't really played this story up as big as Major League Baseball did when Arte Moreno took over the Anah...err Angels of Greater Los Angeles County (???) a couple of years ago.

However, the Boston Globe calls it a racial milestone and the Star-Tribune reminds all Vikings fans that it's still Red's show. Way to support the deal guys.

After getting past the red tape Fowler will have to do something with star receiver Randy Moss. Jets coach Herman Edwards says he could handle the ornery Moss without any problems. His friends at Newsday would rather he didn't take the risk.

Personally I doubt Moss is going anywhere, not for the two first-rounders the Vikes are asking for.

Make That Tuesday...No Wednesday

Apparently that's the FINAL NHL deadline and if no deal is reached by Wednesday, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will announce the cancellation of the season.

Both sides had more meetings yesterday and nothing came of them, no change from the last 150 meetings they've had.

Bottom line is I don't think Bettman will actually cancel the league. Eventually days and games will run out and the season will sort of cancel itself. If you're with the players, what's the rush? Bettman can't even get hold to his own deadlines. I don't blame the players for not trusting the league, the league can't set a deadline without changing it.

If the NHL wants to save itself, they should cut from the top. Guess where I want to start?

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