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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Just Die Already!

Experts conclude that the NHL season would be better off dead than playing a short (and IMO embarassing) season.

"They (NHL franchises) are going to be hurting when they come back - they were hurting before the lockout, with a fan base that is thinning out," said Andrew Zimbalist, an economics professor at Smith College who studies economic trends in American sports. "They're alienating a large part of the small fan base they already have."

And Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press agrees with that assessment.

I've made my feelings on the NHL pretty clear -- it's doesn't matter if they play or don't play, it's the product that needs fixing -- and I tend to agree that playing a 15-20 game season would make the league seem like a joke.

Both sides need the time to have series of meetings. This would take several months, but it's important if this league plans to survive past the short term. Just a salary cap won't do it. Just switching to the international game won't do it. The league needs an overhaul, they need to reduce franchises and increase interest. The league needs to make a plan, a 25-year plan on how to survive this error and learn from it.

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